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RX Post Production Suite 6: Upgrade from RX Post Production Suite 5

Izotope Post Production 6 Upgrade RX Post Production suite 5 RX Post production

In stock
499.00 (ex. btw 412.40)

VMR Channel Strip

The VIRTUAL MIX RACK continues the Slate Digital tradition of providing

In stock
125.00 (ex. btw 103.31)


Waves Update Plan Do you want to update your Waves Plugins and applications

In stock

Digigrid MGB

Digigrid MGB Coaxial MADI Interface Description Compact and portable, the

In stock
1,669.00 (ex. btw 1,379.34)

Tract System Calibration

Waves Tract System Calibration Turn any sound system into a well-balanced

In stock
332.75 (ex. btw 275.00)

Hollywood backup Singers

Eastwest Hollywood Backup Singers HOLLYWOOD BACKUP SINGERS not only includes

In stock
119.60 (ex. btw 98.84)

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Nx Virtual Studio Collection

Fine-tune your mixes in the world’s best studios Get access to the acoustics

In stock
84.03 (ex. btw 69.45)


TAL-Drum is an easy-to-use sampler for drums, short samples, and loops

In stock
49.00 (ex. btw 40.50)

Soul Drums

MODERN DRUMS WITH SOUL Modern instrument design with authentic 1960s/1970s

In stock
149.00 (ex. btw 123.14)


Lush wide stereo reverberation Sobor is a stereo reverberation effect AU,

In stock
45.00 (ex. btw 37.19)


Sanny X and 8Fonk Presents Glitterball Mirrorballs, neon lights, smoke

In stock
29.00 (ex. btw 23.97)

eMotion LV1 + FIT Controller + Extreme Server-C + 64-Preamp Stagebox

The ultimate package for world-class live sound: eMotion LV1 live software

In stock
19,995.00 (ex. btw 16,524.79)

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Abbey Road Studio 3 + headtracker

Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 + Headtracker Learn more about headtracker click

In stock
129.00 (ex. btw 106.61)

Neutron 3 advanced upg Neutron 1-2 adv

Izotope Neutron 3 advanced; Upgrade from Neutron 1-2 advanced Upgrade to

In stock
160.53 (ex. btw 132.67)

VocAlign Ultra Upgrade from VocAlign Project 3

VocAlign Ultra Upgrade from VocAlign Project 3 Advanced Timing & Pitch

In stock
169.00 (ex. btw 139.67)


Waves Ultra Pitch  When you need to transpose, harmonize, modulate, and

In stock
29.96 (ex. btw 24.76)


Harmonically Enhanced Equalizer HarmoniEQ is a parametric, harmonically-enhanced

In stock
51.00 (ex. btw 42.15)

Synchron Percussion II

Vienna Synchron Percussion II Striking Revelations This second installment

In stock
495.00 890.00
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